At VALCORA, we ensure that software development consistently meets the software needs of emerging eCommerce businesses. The goal of the development team is simple – to provide exceptional support to enable businesses to focus on their core competencies in an online environment. When rendering a solution, our strength is manifested through our teamwork, and we utilize our strong understanding of the value of providing creative, cost effective and quality IT solutions in a timely manner. The VALCORA. software development team provides an IT support function to address the need for:

Product Development and Product Support:

We provide the foundational support functions typically needed for any IT project, including project management, administration, quality assurance, business analytics and documentation. The best in class services and support that VALCORA. provide place it in the fulcrum Whether your need is Project Management and Administration or quality assurance, business analytics and documentation, this group is at the fulcrum of the project life cycle.

Software Development:

Our skilled staff is up to the challenge of designing and implementing application software solutions that best meet current and future needs. Using best practices and primarily focusing on the Java, C++/COM and Flash platforms in an SOA model, the team at VALCORA. considers longevity and stability of utmost importance.

Infrastructure Management Services:

We provide experienced engineers with a primary focus in designing, implementing, hosting, and supporting a secure environment.

Management Information Systems:

We consider information as a critical part of making any business decisions, no matter what the industry. At VALCORA., we provide a unique blend of affiliate application development as well as reporting on the resulting metrics, allowing decisions and reporting to be done on an as-needed basis.

Graphic Design:

Many of our applications require exciting, appealing animated graphics at a low byte size cost. Using an appropriate blend of Photoshop, 3DMax, bitmap, jpeg or vectors graphics, we make applications come alive.