VALCORA. offers comprehensive and creative online marketing services, such as graphic design and copywriting. To compliment these creative pieces, we deliver targeted online services such as search engine optimization, affiliate management, and online media buying in order to increase your brand awareness. Fostering creativity, teamwork, and efficiency, Valcora. provides stunning marketing pieces that add value to your business through increases sales, repeat customers, and communication of value.

Affiliate Management:

With a dedicated Affiliates team, VALCORA. provides the opportunity for you to take advantage of affiliate networks. We can provide you with access to affiliate management tools allowing your affiliates to earn a share of revenue from their customers, as well as multi-tier programs, to earn profits from their referrals. We create advertising campaigns tailored to your business needs to maximize profitability through proven conversion and sales strategies.

Media Buying:

In order to attract new customers to your online business, VALCORA. provides media buying, campaign and portal management services to suit your every need. We can help you budget, plan, execute and manage various media buy campaigns, to increase your advertising return on investment.

Graphic Design & Copywriting:

Using design expertise and creative thinking, our staff can develop eye-catching banner ads, direct mail pieces, and websites that generate results. Pairing excellent written copy with dazzling artistic design, VALCORA. creates marketing and communication pieces that bring traffic to your online business and increase your revenue.

Rewards Programs:

Our staff can provide proven incentives and tiered rewards programs designed to maximize the customer lifecycle. We create customized, targeted and relevant, brand-focused initiatives coupled with high-percentage penetration e-mail communications designed specifically to drive repeat business.